Collage of books

He is a disciple of the laughing creed and the drunken creed…. But he has one extra accomplishment–impiety.

ἔστι μὲν τοῦ γελῶντος ἐκείνου μαθητὴς καὶ τοῦ μεθύοντος…. ἓν δὲ πλέον οἶδεν αὐτῶν, παρ᾽ ὅσον δυσσεβέστερος τυγχάνει.

–Lucian, Vitarum Auctio 19, originally of Epicurus; tr. Fowler

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1. 2023 or 2024. Prudentius. How to Cope: An Ancient Guide to Slaying Your Demons. Princeton University Press. In progress.

2. 2023. Ovid. How to Get Over a Breakup. Princeton University Press.

“Step right up, all you naive victims: come to my dictums, if you’re a fool for love.”

3. 2022(Inspired by) Marcus Tullius Cicero. How to Grieve: An Ancient Guide to the Lost Art of Consolation. Princeton University Press. Secret decoder-ring to all the sources online here.

I even did something no one’s ever done before: I talked myself out of depression.” (Cicero, March 45 BCE)

4. 2021. Marcus Tullius Cicero. How to Tell a Joke: An Ancient Guide to the Art of Humor. Princeton University Press. Translation: Korean.

Humor is risky, since ‘wit’ is so close to ‘twit’. — Quintilian.

The world’s first guide to laughing your way to the top, from the first man who did it.  What’s the secret?

5. 2020Vincent Obsopoeus. How to Drink: A Classical Guide to the Art of Imbibing. Princeton University Press. Translations: German, Turkish, Spanish. Pirated in Japan.

“Weirdly time-travelly” — The Daily Beast.

The world’s first guide to drinking. What’s the buzz?

6. 2019John Placentius. The Pig War. Puzzled Out by Michael Phontaine. Pigtures penned by David Beck. Paideia Institute Press.

A timeless fairytale of privilege and oppression, and plenty of piggery.

7. 2018. (co-ed.) Quasi Labor Intus: Ambiguity in the Latin Language (Essays in Honor of Fr. Reginald Foster, OCD) (co-ed. with Charles McNamara and William Short). Paideia Institute Press. (See here.)

8. 2015Joannes Burmeister: Aulularia and other Inversions of Plautus. Leuven University Press: Bibliotheca Latinitatis Novae.

9. 2014. (co-ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Comedy (co-ed. with Adele Scafuro). Oxford University Press. Arabic translation in progress.

10. 2010Funny Words in Plautine Comedy. Oxford University Press USA, 2010. (328 pp.)