Leadership From Ancient Rome

As a supplement to my courses for Cornell’s Certificate in Leadership from Ancient Rome, this page collects some recent essays and talks I’ve given for business and professional audiences.



  • 2023. eCornell Keynote: “Pushover: How to Avoid Caving to Unreasonable Requests.” (on Plutarch, online here.)
  • 2021. eCornell Keynote: “How to Tell a Joke. Timeless Strategies for Winning the Room and Getting Ahead.” (online here; for the book, see here.)
  • 2020eCornell Keynote: “Timeless Odyssey: What the Ancient Greek Epic Teaches Us About Modern Mentoring.” February. (online here.)
  • 2019. eCornell Keynote: “How to Make a Tough Call: Classical Lessons in Decision Making from the Ancient World.” October. (online here). (On Cicero’s treatise On Duties)